Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen edition 4

Thirteen things about Michelle Hasker
Edition #4 Thirteen things we do for Easter

1-Egg dying
2-This year two of my kids participated in a pretzel making class. The pretzels were terrible, I still can't get the taste out of my mouth.
3-Tea party
4-We had to put off the sleepover this year. I'm just miserable and pmsy. getting it twice a month will do that to a person.
5-Easter egg hunt -twice I do one with my kids and then my mother in law has one for them too.
6-easter basket rounds. we already received the baskets from lancaster, the ones from my dad are coming tonight, hand delivered, the bunny leaves baskets on Sunday, and of course always leaves baskets at my mother in law's too cause we don't have enough stuff going on that day we need to house hop too.
7-shop - grocery and flowers cause you know you never have enough food or gifts to give on easter
8-phone calls - call everyone we know and love Hey, weekends and evenings my long distance is free - heheheh
9-eat a huge dinner til we all feel sick
10-Come home and try and get rid of the cigarette smoke and worry that my asthmatic is having breathing issues. With her it's a constant concern at family gatherings. This year the house is smoke free, but other smokers will be there.
11-write -what would the day be without me writing?
12-clean, clean, clean
Next week I'll tell you all the ways I procastinate....well 12 of them, otherwise it's be like the Thursday million. LOL

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Kristin said...

I just love your Easter list!

Happy TT!

FRIGGA said...

Sounds like a busy weekend.

amy said...

You have lots to look forward to doing this year..Thanks for sharing the list with us

Jenny said...

Egg decorating is my favorite part of Easter. :)

Michelle Hasker said...

Oh it is a busy weekend.
Thanks for visiting my blog Kristin, Frigga and Amy.

Michelle Hasker said...

Hi jenny I like that too, but gets messy with 4 kidlets

Aline de Chevigny said...

LOL pretzels hun? Now I know what happened to your muse LOL


Ingrid said...

isn't easter great?? i love everything about easter!!! great T13 this week!

Kuanyin said...

Whoooa....lots of work for you. Hope you have some time for fun on Easter! Happy TT! Today my blog Who's Yo Mama turns a leaf: 300th post. Please drop by and say aloha!

Michelle Hasker said...

THanks Aline, Ingrid and Kuanyin
Easter is fun :)
shame on you aline hehehe

MM Del Rosario said...

I love Easter Hunt. It looks like a very busy weekend ahead.

Happy Easter ! see you next Thursday.


Michelle Hasker said...

THanks MM

Tink said...

Looks like you are going to have a great Easter weekend! Have fun! I'm not doing anything special; my Easter (Ostara) was March 20.
Thanks for visiting my oracle TT!