Monday, August 28, 2006

Works In Progress (WIPS)

In my last post I told you a bit about myself. In this one I decided to tease you with my upcoming stories. I am almost finished with the book that will hopefully be a sequel to Midnight Rendezvous. With buying a new home and preparing this one to sell I have been seriously lacking in writing time this summer.

Mountain Rendezvous is Meredith's story and it details what happens after the end of Midnight Rendezvous. This story will not be the end though. If any of you enjoyed the characters of Meredith, Lucas and Adam, then you will want to stay tuned as I finish books for all of them. I also plan to do a story on Rocko, a man you'll meet in Meredith's story.

I have a lion shifter story that I am thinking of expanding. It involves lion and wolf shifters and part of the story takes place on another planet.

I have a vampire story I am working on which I planned to have as a short story, but it might get longer than I anticipated as the heroine is stubbornly resisting all the hero's advances. Yeah she's a vampire and he's not, but sometimes you gotta take the risk. :)

I wrote a short for my friend but as there is no romantic elements it would be considered erotica and I'm not sure I want to venture out of the market I'm in right now. I'm already busy with these books, expanding to that at this point would take up more time than I have.

I have numerous other stories that I have in the works, but the next one I am most excited about will be a series about this one woman whose family was attacked by vampires, and she was left for dead. I won't say more, but basically she is out for revenge, however she can get it.

And that is where I'll leave you for today. Happy Reading!!


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