Thursday, January 13, 2011

My shiny sink!

I have a shiny sink! I had no problem cleaning and shining my sink before, the problem was KEEPING it empty and clean and shiny. So far it's been a week :)
For extra measure, I've kept my stovetop clean and shiny, too! It's a black glasstop.

I used to belong to a group back when I was a stay at home mom. I left the group when I went to work full time. But, I'm so tired of not being happy with my house, that I rejoined under the advice of two friends, Lena Austin and Cynnara Tregarth.

This magickal group? FlyLady
Under baby steps, on day one - we have a SHINY SINK!

Something very neat happened even on the first night. I pulled all the kids and husband aside and explained that this was a shiny sink and a shiny stove. If they wished me to continue to cook for them, they needed to stay this way. Empty, clean, and shiny! That night we had the first test. My husband -testing me I guess, he tossed a peanut buttered knife in my shiny sink. My 8 year old gasped and said "You have to wash it, Daddy!" He laughed at her and she told him he was messing up mommy's shiny sink. She ended up washing it for him. Just to keep my sink shiny.

It has stayed shiny. I've found a few glasses sitting on the counter, but by now even my husband knows not to dirty my sink. This afternoon I went to cook, so I set my half empty glass next to the sink and pulled out some things from the fridge. My husband -thinking he was so smart, drops his dirty fork (stromboli) into my glass! (with my drink!) I said "WHAT the &*#(^&$&*)*(#$ are you doing?" "I didn't want to dirty your sink." I had to draw in several deep breaths, and then I picked up my glass, tilted it to show him it had fluid in it. He said "Oh. I just didn't want to dirty your sink."

I'm not sure if I'm ready for day two yet. I'm not having a hard time keeping the sink and stove shiny, but I'm worried that if I move too fast I'll drown. I think Monday may be a good day to try the next step.



Talya Bosco said...

Wow! I'm impressed. I can barely keep my sink shiny and there are only adults living here, and I only have a part time job in addition to my writing.
Glad to hear the little ones are getting into it, that's awesome.

Michelle Hasker said...

If I can do it you can too!!!!!