Sunday, October 05, 2008

Erotic versus Romantic

Well, perhaps I'm not going to have a debate with myself, but I wanted to mention that I have several books that would be considered romance but not erotic. Because I do recognize that all stories are different, and some characters are more sensual than others.

What books do I have that might not be considered Erotic?

A Cruise to Remember
Witchy Woes: Tamara
Witchy Woes: Allison
Witchy Woes: Sandra
Heart's Desire - my contribution to the Anthology: Babes in Toyland II
The Moon

Have you read any of my books and disagree with me? Or perhaps I'm missing one that should be on this list?

Why are some of my books so graphic and others not? Sometimes it is as simple as depending on what kind of mood I am in when I am writing a story.


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