Friday, June 06, 2008

New Release - Vampire Oracle: The Moon

The Vampire Oracle: The Moon by Michelle Hasker
ISBN: 978-1-60088-262-3
Cover Art: Sable Grey
Length: Tryst
Genre: Vampire
Content: Erotic Romance
This title contains explicit language and graphic sex

Key Words:
psychic abilities, vampirism

Represents the essence of the soul. It is the light in the darkness that can be seen through the cloudiest night and the beacon that leads the lost back home. When the moon card appears it is time to take a look at your situation and remember who you are, where you came from, and where you are going. This card brings clarity to whatever problems arise on the horizon.

Between her annoying neighbor Brett and an unknown stalker, Maria finds herself in a dangerous situation that forces her to seek help. Who better to turn to than the private investigator next door?

Even though he offers to help her, Dylan isn’t interested in her and couldn’t make it any clearer by the way he avoids her every chance he gets. While she doesn’t have to worry about any sexual advances from Dylan, can she keep her own desires under control until they capture her stalker?

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