Monday, April 28, 2008

Maniac Monday

Some days we seem to be surrounded by morons. Today is one of those days for me. At least the day is almost over and I can go to bed soon.

My son had dance practice tonight. He went up on the stage like a good boy. Then he saw me and forget it. Mommy's boy!! When I told him he had to stay there, he dropped on the floor and began to make snow angels. (dust angels?)

So the teacher told him to get in line. He listened. Til the music started. He flopped back onto the ground and stayed there. Once the parents clapped, he got up and ran back and forth across front stage.

*shakes head.

Yes we're definitely filming recital night LOL



Tina Bendoni said...

Why do I need kids? I have your stories to keep me entertained.

Michelle Hasker said...

thank you

today it is hold me hold me nudge nudge gotta be in your lap against your chest. He's suffocating me. I keep chanting "they're only young once they're only young once."

no wonder some animals eat their young LOL