Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Flash

Selena pushed her way through the throng of sweaty dancers. Bodies tangled and undulated around her, but for once she ignored the lure of sex. Tonight, even the sensual beat of the drums and the siren's intoxicating voice couldn't rouse an ounce of desire within her. Though it had been over twenty-four hours since she'd last gotten laid, she wanted blood more than she wanted sex.

Rogan was a dead man once she found him. The bastard thought he could outsmart her? Ha! Not likely. When she found the prick he would pay. With his life. Or maybe his limbs. His head would look pretty mounted on the wall of her library.

“Hey, baby! Let's dance.” A young blond man stepped in front of her. His grin wavered as she fisted her right hand in his shirt. His blue eyes widened, and he gasped when she growled.

“Find someone else, Junior.” She lifted him off the ground and threw him into a group of dancers a few feet away. Several of them turned to her as if they wanted to fight. Selena grinned, baring her teeth and releasing her claws. “Someone want a piece of me?"

They looked away too quickly, ruining her fun. Selena shook her head, sheathed her claws and turned back toward the bar. The crowd of dancers now parted for her, bringing a grin to her lips. Foolish mortals. They came here for a taste of sin, but when they got more than they bargained for they turned tail and ran. Just as Rogan had. The pathetic loser.

By the time she reached the bar, Derek had worked his way to the end. He hopped over the polished mahogany with supernatural grace and landed in front of her. Selena grinned and slid her hands up his biceps. She was a sucker for muscles. Derek knew she wouldn't be able to resist him if he showed off his agility and strength.

“I just love a man with muscles,” she purred and leaned close.

Derek's dark blue eyes swirled with gray as his fangs dipped down past his lower lip. He nipped at her lips as his hands settled on her shoulders. He dragged his fingers down her sides and grabbed her waist. With a quick tug, he yanked her up against him and swayed his hips, pressing his erection against her belly.

“You're tempting me to forget all about Rogan and how much I need to kick his ass.”

“I want to tempt you into joining me in the back room for a few minutes.”

Liquid heat flowed through her veins when Derek continued to grind against her. Her traitorous body swayed against him. Derek knew many ways to pleasure a woman, even one as sexually hungry as she was. Her body wanted to experience more of him, and her mind melted under his searing gaze. Without an excuse, and wondering why she would even consider saying no to the vampire, Selena leaned up on her toes, cupped his cheeks and kissed him.

Wolf whistles sounded from the surrounding patrons, but she didn't care. let them watch. Derek didn't tango with the human customers, and the poor things knew it.

“I'm taking my break, Sebastian.” Derek looked away from her and turned to the other bartender.

“Fine. See you in two minutes.”

Selena snickered when Derek straightened to his full height and glared down at the other man. He puffed out his broad chest and flexed his arms. “Oh, I think it'll take a lot longer than two minutes. If you're gonna do it right, that is.”

“And Derek always does it right.” Selena pressed up against him and cupped his firm ass. “Especially in leather.”



Maura Anderson said...

yumm - my fave - hunk in leather!!

Will there be more?

Michelle Hasker said...

I plan to write more.
It's difficult to write without my laptop :(