Sunday, February 03, 2008

Nash has been Reviewed! Thrice!

LOL I didn't know until I got the review listing from Loose, that Nash had received three reviews!

The first from Literary Nymphs:

The Bodyguard: Nash is the second and newest release in Ms. Hasker’s bodyguard series. The attraction between Vickie and Nash is instantaneous and almost violent in its intensity and the sparks literally fly whenever they get in the same room. The story is well written, is fast paced, filled with sizzling hot sexual encounters, and has great integration of the characters from the previous book. Ultimately these two are perfect lovers and partners. The question is whether their desire and lust can turn into love and trust that will last forever.

With the hints given in this book, I’m eagerly waiting for Sorin’s book to find out how this extended plotline plays out. The ending only leaves you wanting to know more.

And second from JERR:

Tallyn Porter from JERR gave Nash: 4 Stars and a heat level H

Nash is the second installment of The Bodyguard series which can be read independently. Nash is a charming, alpha and overprotective man who has found his true mate in an independent, strong-willed and powerful witch named Vicki. He loves her unconditionally, while she doesn't quite seem to trust him just yet until she comes to realize that they belong together. The intimacy they share is passionate and very hot which includes oral stimulation, voyeurism and a little bit of BDSM to spice up their romance. The sex scenes were very titillating and seductive, yet full of emotions due to Nash giving up his control to Vicki. I found that the secondary characters from the first story, Nic, Elena and Sorin, help to create the mystery and pending threat without overshadowing the main focus of Vicki and Nash's relationship. I enjoyed the meticulous details and scenery within this tale making magic very realistic in this story. The steps that Nash goes through to help Vicki with her powers make him such a caring character and makes me love him even more. I haven't read Nic and Elena's story but with their appearance in this book, I definitely want to get to know them even more. I look forward to the next installment of this interesting series.

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And last but NOT least:

Night Owl Romance:
Night Owl romance reviewer Dee gave Nash 4.5 and named it a Top Pick

The Bodyguard: Nash is a fast paced 71 page erotically entertaining story with conflict �good guys and bad guys - and a heroine that stumbles through life until her mate shows her the way. The settings have just enough color as the characters actions are the focus. Their amorous sex scenes tantalize rewarding author Michelle Hasker a gold star for a climactic job - well done. The plot is easy to follow with personable characters; perceivable settings, erotic love scenes, and conflict all in a neat little package.

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