Monday, February 18, 2008

Maniac Monday

So for my next installment of Maniac Monday.

Last night we're just being goofs. My husband was chasing the munchkins and one got hurt. As usual. Okay when you chase 4 kids through a kitchen, dining room, foyer and living room someone is bound to get hurt. At least nothing was broken.

My 5 year old comes to me crying because her finger is bleeding. She's scratched it between the sofa and floor. (You'd think hardwood floors would keep them from diving on the floor - no.)

I tried to cheer her up as I cleaned and bandaged her finger. "At least you didn't lose it."

She sniffled. Then says, "I know. I need my pointer finger to read."

I burst into hysterics. She's in kindergarten and points as she reads. Plus her first thought was that she needs to read, not that she needs the finger to play or write or whatever.

My husband - smart ass that he is - says "You also need your finger to pick your nose." She giggled and jumped off me and ran to play again.



As Marge Simpson says "It's aged me horribly."


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