Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Flash

A light rain drizzled down upon them, then ceased as Sandra lifted her arms up in the air, holding her athame up high. “Hail to the elements! Welcome to the Lady and Lord! We stand between the worlds surrounded by light, love and power.”

Sandra poured wine onto the ground for the Lady and Lord, and turned to face Camryn.

“I know we’ve done spells before, but the power you five hold is amazing,” Camryn said.

Macy bit back a smart assed retort. While Camryn’s comment was not only inappropriate, it was also bad timing. If she responded it would only compound things.

“Are you ready to begin, Camryn?” Sandra asked.

“I’m not sure where to start. I did spells for love, money, health, a job and looks.”

“Did you follow my instructions?”

“Yes, I did. But--”

“No buts. Get your spells in order, dear. Job, looks, health, love, money. Please start when you are ready.”

Camryn nodded, but looked nervously around the circle while Sandra piled small oak twigs inside the cast iron cauldron. Camryn rifled through her papers until she produced the one she wanted. After reading the paper, she reached for the Frankincense candle and lit it. “Please cleanse me, as I reverse the spells I cast in ignorance.”

The flame flickered, but held strong. Then Camryn drew in a deep breath, looked down at the sheet and repeated the spell. Fortunately, this time the flame stayed strong and true. When she finished, she dropped the paper in the cauldron. It burned with a brilliant flash of light.

Camryn smiled and looked around the circle before she pulled out the next spell. As she read this one her confidence was more assured, but that didn’t comfort Macy in the least. Camryn was a walking accident.

When Camryn finished the last spell, she dropped the papers into the cauldron. A huge flame leapt out and split into five separate flames. One shot at each corner, and the last at Sandra as she stood next to the altar.

A flame hit her dead in the chest, sending her flying over the sandy beach. Macy gulped in salt water as she immediately sank into the ocean. Panic clutched at her chest as she tried to claw her way back to the surface. How far out had the magic thrown her? Why hadn’t they guessed that Camryn was still working for her old coven?

Her limbs felt heavy and sluggish, and the salt water burned her throat, but Macy continued to work feverishly to reach the surface. Her head broke free once, and she sucked in a deep painful breath before she sank back under. Trying not to panic, Macy remembered all the things her swimming instructor had once taught her, but it didn’t do a bit of good. With her arms and legs refusing to respond, she was rapidly sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Her last thought was of Trevor and how much she still loved the power hungry, lying son-of-a-bitch.



Maura Anderson said...

I like it?

Got any more of it coming?

Dawn_Montgomery said...

VERRA NICE. Tell me this is coming soon.

Michelle Hasker said...

Yeah this is coming in 2008 from WCPT :)

Thanks for asking Maura and Dawn.

It will release as Witchy Woes: Macy in um...August :)