Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Review ! No Monkey's Business

Title: The Agency: No Monkey's Business
Category – paranormal
Reviewer: Amanda Haffery
Author: Michelle Hasker
Blue Ribbon Rating 1-5 – 5

SNIPPET: A shape shifting monkey, a really hot undercover agent and a mission that could determine their lives—THE AGENCY: NO MONKEY'S BUSINESS is sure to leave readers breathless in anticipation.

Chase has no idea that Jessica can shift her shape into that of a monkey. He just knows he came on this mission for one thing…to get into Jess' pants. He's wanted her since he first saw her across the way years ago. Is Chase really an undercover agent on this mission or does he have a completely different agenda from what he's telling Jess?

THE AGENCY: NO MONKEY'S BUSINESS is a truly fun romp through mistrust and passion. Jess and Chase are smokin' hot! They're passion is almost palpable in the bedroom scenes. Although Jess is just using Chase to get information, I could sense more behind her actions. Even though there is a lot of amazing sex in this story, there's also a very engaging storyline. ........I would suggest to readers that if you're going to read this story, you be prepared to continue the story with Ms. Hasker's following books as this is a series and there is definitely more to come in the lives of Chase and Jess.

You'll have to wait for the review to post live at Romance Junkies to see all of what Amanda had to say about No Monkey's Business.


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