Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bunny Love reviewed at FAR

Fallen Angels Review has reviewed Bunny Love.

Tamara Wood notices him, how could she not, a gorgeous man in nothing but a kilt with tattoos. When he runs into her and asks where he can find Tamara Wood, it’s a dream come true. Of course he needs her services, vet services that is, with a baby bunny that needs saving. She’s hoping he can feel the heat that is between them.

Blade needs help keeping the bunny alive. The sparks that ignite between him and Tamara are just icing on the cake. He’s hoping that he can take the place of her vibrator. Can he save the bunny and keep this thing between them going, or will it fizzle out when the retreat is over?

What can I say about a story that heats up the blood from the on-set? Ms. Hasker sure knows what readers want from their erotica; hunky men and the women who love to love them. Throw in a cute baby bunny and you have a story that not only scorches the pages but one that pulls at the heartstrings as well. A quick read for when you’re standing in line or riding the bus or train on the way to your own adventure.

Reviewed by: Donna

Thank you Donna :)

Bunny Love is a Plain Brown Wrapper at Aspen Mountain Press.
It is available for purchase here!


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