Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 11

Thirteen Things about MCHELLE HASKER
Thirteen things to put in a snow day box

I know, there is no snow yet but really you should be prepared. *evil grin oh and a dollar store is a great place to get all these supplies!

1.A new box of crayons or markers and coloring books. (something they've not colored in before so it is new and they want it.)

2.A new DVD or VHS tape and box of popcorn. Or bag if you like air popped. (again something they've never seen so they will watch it, maybe twice or more. ;)

3.Play doh - UGH I know, but put out a dollar store table cloth or shower curtain on the floor/table and roll it all up and trash when done. LOL

4.Hair and nail stuff for girls. Poster board and tissue paper for boys to make a battleground for their fave toys.

5.Cake mix and icing or brownies. Bake something with the little ones then everyone gets a nice treat. (By keeping this and the popcorn in the box you keep set aside for a snow day, you are garunteed not to use it and then have bare cupboards. ;)

6.Pencils and puzzle books. (Even younger children will do mazes/play tic tac toe, the box game, etc.)

7.scraps and odds and ends. A few candid photos and scrapbook paper with scissors and glue stick. Let the kids make some homemade scrapbooks. (For their sake it doesn't even need to be expensive acid free items as they are likely to tack it up on the wall or take to school to show off. Let them have fun not make it to keep forever.)

8.Beads and pipe cleaners or string for girls to make jewelry. Popsicle sticks for boys to create 'things'.

9.Toilet paper rolls and tissue paper - color the roll and decorate with tissue paper, attach string and hang your 'wind sock'.

10.Party items like hats/blowers, etc for their snow day party (to go with the cake.)

11.Bingo -kids love bingo, even more when they win prizes. You can get a lot of prizes at the dollor store and you can even make your own bingo, or go to crayola dot com and print out their winter bingo. They have pictures on the bingo cards and the children color in the bingo cards as you call the pictures out.

12.Manila file folders. Have children draw a picture or tear a page from a magazine for them to glue on the folder. Cut it into puzzle pieces and put together and share with their siblings and parents. Ziplock bags store the pieces well. ;)

13.Dollar store games. They always have those bowling or giant checkers or golf sets. You can easily find something inexpensive that they can't do too much damage with. Or put in a book of indoor games they can use to decide what they want to play.

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Nancy J. Bond said...

What great ideas! My girls are all grown up, but I'll remember these for my grandson's visits. :)

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

What wonderful, creative, imaginative ideas, Michelle! Your TT almost made me wish my daughter was little again. :-)

These would be just perfect for an article in a parents magazine.

Michelle Hasker said...

Thanks Nancy and Daisy.
Kids love to be creative.
I never thought about that, thanks for inspiring me, Daisy. I should look into writing for a parents magazine. Crafting corner heheee

Happy TT

Anonymous said...

I am so totally doing this! What great ideas!

Michelle Hasker said...

Thanks So Lost :)
Hope it works as well for you as it does has for me.

Denise Patrick said...

Great ideas. I almost wish my kids were still young enough to do this with.

Michelle Hasker said...

Maybe you could do a snow day box for you :)
new dvd, new fuzzy slippers, a new blanket, box of hot cocoa and marshamallows....something that should be in the kids box but i forgot to list...

Lesley said...

These are all fabulous ideas!!! I'm going to consider you an expert with all your little ones. :-D I'll be so glad when my son wants to draw me pictures instead of eating crayons and decorating the furniture with them! LOL

Michelle Hasker said...

eating is better than shoving them up your nose. One of mine did that once. *shakes head*

damozel said...

It never snows here in florida and I don't have children anyway, but what an AMAZING idea. That is a BRILLIANT way to handle snow days. [Floridian moms: how about a hurricane day box for the kids? Things not dependent on electricity?]

I'm leaving notes for blogger users who don't allow links to non blogspot platforms (like ours) that they fix their comments to allow them. It must be easy because most blogspot blogs allow it. Normally I don't leave comments on blogs that don't allow me to link to my blog. Here it is sans HTML:

damozel said...

Sorry---blogger cut off my link. Check out to see my colleague's post on separation of powers. You'll need to scroll down....

Michelle Hasker said...

thanks for visiting my blog. Great idea on the hurricane box :)

I'm not sure what you mean about the links. If you mean because I wasn't using mr. linky...I stopped because by adding them in by hand the links stay in the post. As opposed to mr. linky it only shows in the most recent blog post, not previous ones :)