Saturday, May 05, 2007

A review for The Bodyguard!!

I had to share my wonderful review with everyone :)

Lisa from The Romance Studio gave The Bodyguard 4 hearts!!

This is my first Hasker book, and I must say I was really impressed with her writing style. The dialogue flows smoothly and was full of sensuality that was followed up with some red hot sex. Elena’s fear and insecurity was easily understood and Nicholas was able to express his feelings without loosing any of his alpha characteristics. It was comical how Nicholas let his feelings be known with his brother Nash in the picture. Which brings up the point of whether or not we will get to read a story about Nash? The Bodyguard does feature references of past violence towards Elena as well as anal sex and a ménage scene, both of which were written as a healing point in the story.

Here is the whole review.

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