Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Bodyguard - Release Day!!!

I was so excited about my new release today that I poured ice tea in my cereal. Okay, maybe I was tired...hmmm.

So let me do my promo :)

The Bodyguard
Available now from Loose Id

Elena wants revenge. She'll give anything to kill the man who raped her. Her bodyguard Nicolas wants her safety...and her love. He's not about to let anything stop him. Not even the fact she's a vampire.

And a special, my blog only excerpt Rated R in case you don't know me very well ;)

“Nicolas?” she whispered in his ear.

His heart pumped faster, and the knowledge that she aroused him to such a fevered pitch excited her.

“Nicolas.” She purred as she slid her hand on his thigh.

He jumped and smacked his head on the roof as he moved away from her. She followed him, sliding her palm toward the obvious evidence of his arousal as he rubbed at his head.

She wanted to forget Lucian and his crude abuse on her body. She wanted Nicolas to love her tenderly and show her that she was a woman, not an object, not something to be owned and controlled. Not something to be dominated and broken.

As she cupped his erection, he brushed her hand away. “We’re here. Just wait a few minutes for Nash to check that the house is still secure before we go in.”

“Whatever should we do while we wait?” She walked her fingers up his chest as she asked, “Nicolas, what do you plan to do to keep me in the car until he leaves?”

“Nothing.” His voice cracked. She fought back a giggle as he cleared his throat.

“We’ll just sit here and wait until the coast is clear.”

“Well, I for one am a little hot,” she said as she opened a button on her dress. She was glad she’d chosen the button-up sweaterdress. The red complemented her complexion, and he couldn’t doubt her statement since it was made of a heavy material.

Nicolas cleared his throat and looked at his watch. “Just a few minutes, then you can take a cold shower.”

“I don’t want to shower.” She opened another two buttons. “I want to relieve this aching, burning need right now.” And maybe forget all about a certain bastard in the process.

“Please, Elena …”

“Yes, Nicolas?” She popped open another button, then another. He turned to look and stared at the skin she’d exposed. Smiling, knowing he was ensnared in her spell, she trailed a finger down and opened another button. She shrugged, and the dress fell off to pool at her waist.

He gasped and swallowed. Elena watched his throat work as she shimmied out of her dress and leaned back on the seat. She had a good body, even for a vampire. Obviously Nicolas agreed because he shifted uncomfortably in the seat.

Elena slouched in the seat and spread her legs open, hoping he would see the glistening proof of her desire.

“You …” He stopped and swallowed again, his throat muscles working as he stared at her body. “You must have been really hot.”

“You don’t know the half of it.”

Have a great day!


Aline de Chevigny said...

Wooohoooo congrats on the release. OK so when's the sequel?

Hehe You know I can't help it right?

Aline **smooches**

Michelle Hasker said...

I know you can't help it
And thanks :)