Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about MICHELLE HASKER

Edition #1
Thirteen things in my nightstand drawer. (The top one.)

1- Bible (Revised Standard Version)
2-Bookmark from The History Channel
3- Wheel of Fortune handheld game (that I never play but it amuses the kids when they attack the drawer. It's to distract them from the goodies.)
4- nail file (I have one everywhere in the house. Never know when you'll need it. :)
5- crocheted plant hanger. (cause it was my grandmothers and I want to put a plant in it but the kids keep getting it and play with it.)
6- A self portrait of my 4 year old on green paper with blue crayon.
7- Refreshing citrus foot lotion (supposed to make wake my feet up. Sure smells good :)
8- A purple pen.
9-Hoyle Casino for the Game Boy Color.
10-about 30 pony tail holders :)
11- A ceramic pumpkin. (don't ask :)
12- Puzzle books
13- deck of Pinochle cards.
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Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO. I can sympathize with the ponytail holders. My hair's been chopped short and I STILL have them everywhere!

Tina Bendoni said...

Ceramic pumpkin? What's wrong with that? I have Halloween stuff everywhere. Still. Or is it already? :)

Michelle Hasker said...

I collect them, Dawn. Even have sports teams. Hey if my hubby can collect hats why can't I collect ponies?

It had an air plant in it. The kind you can't kill and don't need to water....BUT if your 2 year old pulls out the plant, leaf by does die....if it lived in the first place.

ravaj said...

don't have a drawer to try and stop such collections! nevertheless, the table next to my bed regularly accumulates piles of interesting things :-)

happy tt

Amelia Elias said...

I'll have to try and index my desktop one of these days for TT... only it might need to be a Thursday Three Hundred!

Michelle Hasker said...

I'm addicted, ravaj. It started when I was a child. At my grandmothers house we kept a few toys in the nightstand to play 'quietly' if we woke and grandmom was still sleeping. To this day I still only use the top drawer...cause the bottom was for my brother.

Amelia, hehe. 300 sounds about right. Your link at the TT site didn't take me to your site last night. Has it been fixed?

Angie said...

I have three drawers in my nightstand. I'd be afraid to list what's in there!

Amanda Young said...

The History Channel has bookmarks? That just seems wierd to me for some reason. :)

Kate Davies said...

I so hear you on the ponytail holders. The sad thing is, they aren't even mine! My girls drop them everywhere. And they are not fun to step on in the middle of the night (the ones with the flowers or balls or other hard plastic designs on each end).

Michelle Hasker said...

I hear that Angie, I barely made a dent in mine.

Amanda, The history channel bookmark was an ad for JFK week and has a copyright date of 2003........ hehehe ok I admit it, I collect weird things...bookmarks, ponytail holders, etc

Kate, my kids have the coolest hair things. What they are earing now are butterfly barrettes and ones with dragonflies.

Michelle Pillow said...

LOL at the pumpkin. I have floam and clay created pieces of fine art in mine...

Michelle Hasker said...

Michelle- hehehe amazing what we squirrel away.

Bianca D'Arc said...

Glad I'm not the only one who has the multiplying ponytail holder syndrome. They all end up next to my bed and then when I want one elsewhere in the house I just can't find any! Argh! Thanks for commenting on my first ever TT and congrats on starting yourself!

Michelle Hasker said...

Thanks Bianca :)

Aline de Chevigny said...

LOL Nice. I don't have a bedside table so I wouldn't know.


Tempest Knight said...

Great list! *g*


I have an alarm clock,some glitter lotion that I like,a book where I write love letters to my husband....that is what I can think of off the top of my head.

Michelle Hasker said...

hehe Aline

Thanks Tempest!

Those are cool things Blue Butterfly. I remember when I used to write short stories for my hubby with what I was going to do to him. No I have NO clue where I got this twisted erotic story writing side. LOL

Sophisticated Writer said...

Great TT list!

You're a published writer. WOW! I'm an aspiring one hoping to be published one day soon :)

I'll add you to my blogroll and thanks for dropping by.