Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I'm sitting here, staring at my inbox, clicking on the check for new mail button and realize something. Both little kids are napping, the two older ones are at school...and yet, here I sit, hovering over that damn button. I want to push it, oh yes I do. If there is something in there, it gives me that feeling of triumph, ha, I knew it! I knew I had mail, and it might be urgent. But then half an hour later, as I'm still sitting here, pressing that damned button, I realize something.

Could it be possible that I 'need' noise and distraction in order to write? Have I gotten so used to the children running amok and my husband saying, hey, honey listen to this, check this out, did you see that?, that I can't write without them?

I admit it, my mind wanders and I'm so easily distracted. It's one of the reasons I forget things and run late. I don't watch the clock, and I never write down reminders. Why? It's so important how could I forget? But I do.

I spent the weekend trying to write. I really did. But then my husband had a temper tantrum and the rest of the weekend went down hill.

I spent Sunday after noon and evening watching Rose Red. A delightful movie, love stephen king, and since I do write suspense and vampires, I can rationalize it all I want, but the bottom line is, if it was on again tonight, I'd be there watching it again LOL. Great movie.

Monday, had a bunch of kiddies at a candy making class. That was a blast, but came home cranky. Hid myself in my room and wrote almost to the 25k i'd wanted. Tuesday was good. I finished the goal and went a little higher, but I admit it, I wasted some writing time checking emails. Hey when you have 7 pages of groups under your writing name, and then 5 under your real name, you have a lot of email. Then there is my email box for my family, friends, and scout stuff, and then there are my gmail accounts, one for me and one for michelle...Groups to promote on, groups to talk on, groups to read and learn on, and then there is the Luna boards with the Magical Queen and Bog - my partner in crime and co-conspirator on the board where we run amok and tell a story, just for fun.

I have tons of ideas running through my head, I have many things started, and many stories due. But am I working on them? Nope. I'm checking my email. And seeing if it's the phone ringing...




Anne Douglas said...

Being that usually the tv, the gamecube on a 2nd tv, the kiddos computer, hubby on his electric guitar are all going at once you would think quiet would be great, but nope, I find myself doing just the same thing, getting twitchy in the quiet and obsessively clicking the check email button. So I went and downloaded some of those relax/inspire soundtracks like you get at the massage/spas - oh what a world of difference!

Michelle Hasker said...

hmmm good idea.
I have some Celtic Woman CD's I should put on my headphones and groove. Thanks :)